Wednesday, June 25, 2014

June 25, 2015: Onward to the MTC!!

Today is the day......  The family loaded up in the car and drove to Provo to drop off Raegan at the Provo MTC.  It is a bitter sweet event.  On one hand you are happy to see you children make good decisions, on the other....  you're going to miss them while they are gone!

We stopped by Krispy Kreme and grabbed some donuts and juice, but nobody seemed really hungry.  Raegan was feeling pretty nervous.  Another family was there with a young Elder who had recently graduated from high school.  He looked like he was going to be ill!

We then proceeded to the Provo Temple to say our final goodbyes and take a few pictures before proceeding across the street to the MTC.   What they say is correct, you open the door and there are missionaries there to grab bags and they are off.   Since I was a little hobbled from surgery on my ankle I almost missed the whole event.  I took a picture as Raegan was leaving and she turned and waived with a smile on her face.  She never looked back!  She will be a great missionary.

It was a long drive home......

In front of the Provo Temple.  Dad, Mom, Hermana Anderton, Madison, Kennedy


Dad, Raegan and Mom

Last hugs goodbye...



Bags are out.

One last wave goodbye!


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