Monday, February 9, 2015

February 9, 2015: Two Goats in a House!!!!!

Hello people in Idaho!!! I'm pleased with how everyone sounds. I miss you guys like crazy!!!! :) But wow, everyone is really busy. Good luck Kennedy in the competition this week. Congrats to Ric and Sharon on their mission call, they will be fabulous!! I guess we will see you guys next May! :) 

Well, this week was really good. Elder Pieper, who is in the presidency for the Mexico Area and is from Pocatello, came to give us a capicitacion. He showed us the things our mission needed to improve on and bore a really sweet testimony about the inspiration of our callings. Did you know it now takes three apostles to assign mission assignments during the week, it only used to take one. I know that our callings are inspired!!!

Speaking of funny things, we were visiting a new investigator, when suddenly we heard, "BAHHHHH" (goat sound). We were inside of a house and I was really confused. Then all of a sudden, two goats came running around the corner. I had to hold in with everything I had not to laugh. I don't know why I found it so funny, but I was just super shocked to see two goats in Ciudad Juarez...IN A HOUSE!!!

Also, I'm really forgetting English. It's hard! We ate with a family this Sunday who speaks English. I wanted to use their bathroom, but I honestly could not find the vocabulary to ask. All I could think was "pass by" and I stumbled over my words for a minute there. (In Spanish, we always ask, "Puedo pasar por su bano?" Direct translation: can I pass for your bathroom.)

We had a pretty powerful lesson with Michelle this week. We taught lesson 2, and she said that now everything makes more sense. She said a specific prayer at the end of the lesson because she told us she wasn't receiving answers to her prayers. I asked her if she was asking SPECIFIC questions or just saying, "Help me know the stuff the missionaries are teaching me is true." She said she hadn't asked specifically. So we made a list of specific questions for her to ask. With the commitments, we always leave a specific question, but I think sometimes the people forget and just default to a general prayer. So we wrote it all down. Prayer is a really powerful thing if you use it right! We will see how it went tomorrow in our cita.

We are also teaching a family with a LOT of problems. SO MANY PROBLEMS!!! I am blown away by how crazy people's lives can be if they don't really know who they are. It breaks my heart. I've been thinking a lot about that this week, the fact that we are all children of God, if only every person could realize it and live accordingly. I was reading the end of the Ensign with General Conference...and came across the talk from Elder Uchtdorf in the Women's Conference. I also was reading in "Our Search for Happiness" by Elder Ballard in the missionary library. It was a theme for me this week about the fact we are children of God, and also something I preached a lot about this week. Three quotes I want to share, the first two are from Uchtdorf and the last one is from Ballard:

1. "Pondering this truth-that we are children of heavenly parents-fills us with a sense of origin, purpose, and destiny."

2. "He not only knows what is best for you. He also anxiously wants you to choose what is best for you.

3. "Through the natural process of inheritance, we received in embryo the traits and attributes of our Heavenly Father. We are His spirit children. Some of what our Eternal Father is, we have inherited. What He is, we may become."

Our lives are so different because we know who we are. There are people out there who have NO IDEA! For this reason, we should always try to share what we believe: through our words and actions, by our examples and by who we are. We should be a little more compassionate, love a little more, and follow the example of our Savior. I know that we are children of God and each of us has a divine potential!!!!

I love you guys so much and always pray for you. I hope all continues to be well. I'm living the dream. Till next time folks!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Con todo de mi amor,

Hermana Anderton

Fruit Roll Blue Tattoo  (Dad's note: Not sure this is good for you!!!  Maybe it can be scrubbed off with some Diet Coke)

Raegan with Hermana Hinojosa  (Dad's Note: Thank goodness for mission mom's and grandma's)

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