Monday, August 24, 2015

August 24, 2015: "A drunk man chasing us down..... quoting the Articles of Faith"

Hello family!! I am doing great and am super happy I got to stay here in Rio Nilo. The members were dying yesterday when they saw me ha-ha. You all sound super busy! I can’t believe that school starts this week! And FOOTBALL!!!! I miss football so much. But oh well, I expect lots of pics from the first day of school. I got my package, thanks so much! I loved it!!!!!!!! I was showing everyone my pics. I also wore my new outfit to church on Sunday and I’ve already downed almost half a Nutella and Hi-Chews. YUM!!! :) Thanks so much!!!!

This week has been good. Funny story first: We had a lizard in our bathroom. EW!!! We were getting ready to head out and exercise in the morning when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. And there it was....I ran to tell Hermana Estrada to kill it because I knew I couldn’t. She told me she didn’t want to do it either. We were a little freaked out. I got the broom and decided that I would rather have it dead than running around in the house. But I got scared and it ran really fast. So, one of the advantages to having the Elders live downstairs: free exterminators. We told them where it was and anxiously waited outside, then Elder Raymond walked out with the lizard in his hands. EW!! I thought they were going to kill it, but he said it was super small and why would we ever want to kill the poor little thing, and that it was traumatized from us trying to kill it. Then they let it go free outside. That is the difference between Elders and Hermanas....we view the world so different ha-ha. We visited Dulce this week and she is doing really well. We found out that she smokes...dang it. But we taught her about the Word of Wisdom, she was really receptive and said that she wanted to stop smoking and that she would make the effort. She is so sweet and sincere and tries really hard to keep her commitments. It was a really good lesson with her! Edmundo was interviewed to receive the priesthood, but will have to wait until the next week because of stake conference. He loves the church and is super happy. We had 2 activities in the church this week, a Family Home Evening with recent converts and was super fun. On Friday we watched "Meet the Mormons" as a mission activity, Jaquelyn made me super happy. This week was a little long, because that’s really literally all the highlights I have aside from a drunk man chasing us down and quoting the Articles of Faith... (He is a waaaaaaaaaaaaay less active member.) I decided I should memorize those in Spanish, if a drunk man can do it...I can. But yep, that’s my week in a nutshell. But I’m doing great and loving my mission as always.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the family this week and how grateful I am for mine. My parents aren’t perfect, but they were the perfect parents for me. They disciplined me in a way that worked for me, and really I know I was put in the home where I would be the most successful. I have two great sisters who love me and I love them. Thanks for all that you have done for me. I am so grateful that I was blessed with such a great family!!!! Boyd K Packer said:

"The end of all activity in the Church is to see that a man and a woman with their children are happy at home, sealed for eternity."

As members of the Church, we know how the family should function and feel. I’m grateful for the role-model home that you raised me in mom and dad. I will never be able to thank you enough. You guys taught us well and had us well-trained...with just one snap ha-ha. :)

Well, that’s it, I have to go. I love you all so much and hope that you have a great week. Thanks for the emails and love!! Until next week.....XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Con Todo Mi Amor,

Hermana Anderton


Fun Dip... Yaaa!

The leaf was as big as my head!

Hurray!  A new outfit to wear to church.  Thanks Mom!!!

Hey, Dad had a pair just like these back in the......   80's!

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