Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7, 2015: Becuase It's Home!

HOLA FAMILIA!!! Como estan? First off, happy birthday Kennedy on Friday!!!!’re getting old! Well, this is my last letter....CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?! I can’t.....time went by so fast. I’m pretty sure this is my last letter since I will be traveling to Juarez next Monday.  I doubt I will have the chance to write. Everyone is asking me how I feel. I honestly feel like my life is passing in a dream right now, kind of like my last week at home before I went to the MTC. It’s strange. Anyways, a few ideas for the airport....I’m really dying to eat Sticky Finger Quesadillas from Wingers...could someone please bring them? Thanks.

I hope you guys have enjoyed the posts for Facebook. We put them in a program so they post automatically...I’m not in internet all day ha-ha. Evelyn will be baptized this week on Saturday....she is super excited and so am I. She said the funniest thing when we asked her who she wanted to perform the ordinance, she said, "I really want the prophet to baptize me." We told her his schedule was pretty full. She loves the idea of a living prophet. I went to Juarez on Thursday and Friday for leadership meetings and the bus ride gave me some time to think about my plans when I get home. Could someone find the Lion King in Spanish? Watching that is on my to-do list...and sledding, too. As for school, I’m still just rolling with the punches ha-ha. But this week flew by. I was only in my area 2 days the entire week. On Tuesday, I went on intercambios with Hermana Zepeda, we had fun. It was a companionship reunion!!! She is really a great missionary. It was fun to see her progress from when she first got here and didn’t say anything, to a missionary that testifies and invites people to make commitments with power. I love her so much!! I hope you guys will have the chance one day to meet her. We committed one of their investigators who battles with an addiction to tobacco to fast. Hermana Zepeda told me he did fast and sounds a lot more motivated. So, yeah, that’s my week super-fast. I’m going to keep busy this week and work hard until the end. I can rest in one week. I’M SO EXCITED TO SEE YOU ALL!!!!

Well, my thought comes from what I learned in Relief Society this Sunday. The RS president, Lily Gonzalez, shared the Tale of the Three Trees (check the link ) Anyways, I loved the familiar story, I’ve read it before. But it meant a lot more to me this time. As I’ve been wondering about what the heck I’m going to do when I get home, I’ve really not worried too much. Because in the end, I can make plans and have hopes...but Heavenly Father has His own purposes in mind. Really what I hope is that He will help me fulfill my mission in life, even if it wasn’t what I exactly had planned. Here in the mission, I’ve learned to trust Him more than anything. So, I hope we can all make the choice to prayerfully make goals and plans, then hand it all over to the One who knows exactly what we need.

Well, I guess that will be all. I love you all so much and will see you all soon!! December 16th at 10:30pm....don’t forget!!! Thank you all so much for the love and support, I couldn’t have done it without your support, love, and prayers. UNTIL NEXT TIME IN THE AIRPORT.....XOXOXOXOXOXOXO   #livedthedream

Con todo mi amor,
Hermana Anderton

Why? because it's home......

Christmas spirit in Casas Grandes!

Raegan with Hermana Marino.  You always pray their is a mission mom in every area!

Intercambios with Hermana Zepeda

Who knows?

Hermana Zepeda and Anderton

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