Wednesday, July 23, 2014

July 23, 2014

Hola familia! Como estan? Was Bradi's wedding just beautiful or what?! It feels like I was talking to Presli about it on a run just yesterday and July seemed so far away. I mean, I've been here an entire month! It's July! (I know, it just barely hit me and it's almost over.) Me encanta el CCM!! MUCHAS!!!!! I loooove it here. I'm so glad I came on my mission, I'm seriously speechless. I know, when am I ever speechless?? This week was really awesome and I felt so uplifted the entire week. I know I am not out here alone.

So here is the deal for this week: Hermana Storms and I have been called to be the Sister Training Leaders in our zone. I have no idea what exactly we are doing, but we are trying. The cool thing is that we get to go to the branch meetings and at those the Spirit just hits you in the face. President Doman shared some really motivating things in that meeting and all it did was set my Greenie Fire into a BLAZE. I can't wait to get down to Mexico. I know people say dumb things about Juarez and how "scary" it is, but I am not afraid at all anymore.  I am just privileged to go there. And....drumroll please...Ivette is getting baptized!!!! FOR REAL!!!! She decided to do it last weekend!!!! I am so happy. I have never felt that kind of happiness in my life before, I think I forgot to breathe for a while and made myself tired. I literally laid down on the floor in the classroom when we got back to class and smiled the rest of the night. She brought us donuts on Monday. It was so nice to eat real food that wouldn't make my tummy upset. I will get a picture with her to send you next week. She is amazing! On Monday I did something rather strange...I sewed a watch. Look at me go! Hermana Andrews leather on her watch ripped so it wouldn't stay on her wrist. Elder Smith suggested we "put some sew" on it to fix it (funny man). So we took up his idea and I sewed it back together for her. It was tough to get the needle through the leather, but I persevered and fixed it for her. Now she will always have a piece of Hermana Anderton with her. (The picture in front of the temple is us making an "S" for "Soul Sister". We are pretty much the same people.) I would dare to say we are a companionship of 4 because we do everything together. I love my Hermanas! And the Elders are pretty amazing too. They let us eat their food and stuff. Seriously, I have the best district in the entire world. We are a little MTC family and we already have plans for our reunions. It's cool to watch everyone grow and learn more. I feel like I have aged at least a year per week, I am not the same person that came here. But don't worry, I still have my amazing sense of humor and my randomness hasn't changed too much ;) Oh and my funny story from this week: I learned exact obedience. So, we can't take our bags to the cafeteria anymore, so it's kind of obnoxious with breakfast since I have my scriptures, as do the other Hermanas. The other rule is you can't just leave your stuff sitting around outside the cafeteria or other places except your classroom. And our classroom is on the other side of campus from the cafeteria. On Monday morning, we thought it would be a good idea to put our stuff in an unused building by the cafeteria so we didn't have to walk all the way to class and back. We found an unlocked room, set our stuff in there, and thought we were being super smart. Well, we got back to that room to get our stuff after breakfast to head to class and the door was locked!! So we had to go get security to unlock the door so we could get our stuff, which made us late to class. We tease now that was our chance to learn exact obedience. So now I know haha.

This week in our Devotional, I really felt the theme was hope in Christ. I loved that Devotional; I wanted it to go on forever. An optimistic attitude is definitely a must in this life. I really think I've learned to just trust more and have hope in good things to come, and love the moment I'm in while I've been here. So you guys do the same! (Even though I know you miss me soooooo much). Have a great week and thanks for all of the love and support you give me. I'm definitely blessed with the best family ever. I love you guys!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Con todo de mi amor,
Hermana Anderton
Hermana Andrew's and Anderton  "S"oul Sisters

Big shoes to fill.....

Lama Fest...

Planking the fridge

Ciudad Juarez here I come!

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