Monday, January 19, 2015

January 19, 2015: The Lord Has A Plan For Us

Hola familia! You all sound wonderful. The pictures from the dance look really fun! Kennedy, that boy is pretty dang cute. Nice job ;) I really miss you guys though, too!! But yeah, I'm pushing 7 months now and time is really picking up. I won't lie, the first 2 months I thought I would be here forever...but the past 5 just happened soooooooooo fast. Hmm mas bien, it's been a rollercoaster with my time perception. Sometimes I think, "Holy! It's going by so fast." and others "That was today in the morning? Are you sure it wasn't 5 months ago??" ha-ha.

Actually, transfers are tomorrow! I feel like I just started training still. This is probably because my brain is always racing 100x a minute thinking of where to go and what to do. These 6 weeks have gone by pretty fast. (Okay, the first two were an eternity, but then it flew) I'm staying in my area and will finish training Hermana Zepeda. That makes me feel a lot better; it means I didn't fail and that I'm doing a good enough job. What a relief!!!!!! The only sad thing is that Hermana Ramirez is going to leave for Casas Grandes!! NOOOOO!!! I'm sad about that. She has been in my same area for the ENTIRE time I've been on my mission (she was in Ninos Heroes when I got here, and then we were companions in Rio Nilo, and then we lived upstairs from her this past transfer) and was my companion for 2 transfers. So, it will be weird to have her gone. It was hard being companions in the beginning, but really she turned out to be my best friend! We are so different, but when we really opened up to each other, we really connected. I have plans to visit her in Mexico, and she has plans to come and visit us. She is going to help me keep up my Spanish on Skype. Oh and my son is going to marry her daughter ha-ha :) 

I'm very excited to keep rolling here. We found 4 new investigators with really great potential this week!! of them wants her family to listen to us too. So, I'm praying by next week we will be reporting that we are teaching a young family. Another cool experience from this week: we had been hunting down a reference for about a month, but never could find her. Normally after multiple attempts of trying to find them, we drop them for a while. But her name would NEVER leave my mind. So we kept going back. We found her Thursday night, turns out she had been in Guadalajara visiting her father she had never met and just barely got back. She invited us in, we got to know her, and then taught lesson 1. She was really open and very receptive and very excited to learn more. I finally feel like we are making headway in the area, the light has finally broken through!!!! We are still working pretty hard with lots of less actives and trying to animarles a regresar a la capilla. (Sorry, I can't remember how to say a few things.)

My thought for you guys once again is from General Conference and the talk "The Lord Has a Plan for Us" I love it!!!! I really have grown a lot the past 6 weeks, it wasn't an easy road. But now I look back and think, "Oh, that wasn't that bad was it??" I love this talk because it talks about fulfilling promised blessings of our Patriarchal Blessings, the only road we are supposed to follow - even if it's not the easiest. I have seen a few things from my blessing apply to the situation I was in this past transfer when everything seemed to flop on its face. I learned to have a little more faith to DO and BELIEVE. I learned not to be afraid of difficult tasks because with the Lord I can do anything. Mom and Dad, you know some of the phrases from my blessing, so I'm sure you know what I'm talking about. But here is the quote I want to share: 

"The best paths in life are rarely the easiest. Often, it is exactly the opposite...I know that the Lord has a plan for us in this life. He knows us. He knows what is best for us. "

Long story short, the best thing in life is to be tested and to be pushed. Our Heavenly Father is making us run those 350 meter dashes as fast as we can not to be mean or to have us fail, He is trying to prepare us for what lies ahead next in our lives. He is helping us be stronger. He will never ask anything of us that is impossible, He knows we can do it. Of this I am sure!!!!!

I'm doing well here, I love my mission and am living the dream. I'm super happy. I miss you guys a lot. I love you all so much! HAVE A FABULOUS WEEK!!! XOXOXOXO

Con todo de mi amor,
Hermana Anderton

Pseudo Skyping with Dad...  haha!  (Raegan and I exchanged selfies real-time)

Spanish Study........

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