Monday, January 26, 2015

January 26, 2015: Hermana! Su Falda!!!

Hola familia! You all sound like you are doing super great, which makes me super happy. :) Yeah, I've been doing this gig for 7 months. Time is really picking up!! (Stop counting ha-ha.)

Well, this week we worked in a trio for the two areas!!! It was fun, but I'm glad to be back down to just me and Hermana Zepeda. Hermana Mercado's companion's mom died, so she went home for the funeral on Tuesday and returned last night to the mission. Her name is Hermana Hernandez, she is really amazing!! So, yeah....we ran from appointment to appointment across the entire area! I didn't realize how big the 2 areas were. We found a new investigator this week named Ricardo. He listened to the missionaries in El Paso 12 years ago! He was outside of his house with his mom, who we went to contact. She was not very interested, but he was! He said the sister missionary who taught him was Sister Anderson and she was blonde too. I asked him if he thought it was a sign that it was time for him to act on what he learned 12 years ago. He said he would pray about it :) sooooo we will see how it goes this week! We worked a lot with the Young Women this week. Hermana Bustamante also really helped us out a lot. (She's the YW President.) There are only 3, but they are a powerful little bunch and accompanied us to 2 of our lessons this week.

IT SNOWED HERE THIS WEEK!!! I will send pics! We made it fun. It was super cold and windy, but in the words of Hermana Zepeda, "The pioneers survived. We can walk on!" We actually had a blast! But oh the things that happen to me - catch this: I walked 30 minutes that day on a main road with my skirt hiked up to my hip without realizing it!! HOW EMBARRASSING!!!! I mean, I know I have fabulous legs, but I don't think that they should be showing like that out here ha-ha. When we reached our destination, Hermana Mercado gasped and said, "HERMANA! SU FALDA!!!" Nobody noticed because I was on the left side and it was my left side of my skirt. Oh goodness...I think it happened when we climbed the fence to cross a huge puddle of water and my bag kept my skirt up. Oh goodness!!!! Everything awkward always happens to me!!!

This week I have learned that the only thing people want is to be loved. Just like Carol always says. There are some very sad and lonely people. We need to serve always!!!

My thought this week comes from General always.  It's from the talk, Trifle Not with Sacred Things "...I had a choice to make. Some of their questions created doubt and uncertainty. The choice was an important one. Where would I turn for answers? There were many who wanted to convince me of the error of my ways—“riptides” determined to pull me away from the peaceful current that had become a wonderful source of happiness. I learned very clearly the principle that there is “opposition in all things” and the importance of acting for myself and not forsaking my agency to others."

Always we need to know where to turn when questions arise. The only person who knows the truth of all things is our Heavenly Father. I know that lots of questions will arise and test our testimonies. For this reason, we need to always strengthen our testimonies and take our stand!!!

I love you all so much and hope that you have a great week!! Living the dream!!!



Con Amor,

Hermana Anderton

According to Raegan, this was one "fat" cat!

Trio of sisters for a week... 

Navigating the mud and water....

District just before transfers

Snow in Ciudad Juarez..  Hermana Zepeda looks genuinely cold!!!

Raegan's reminder to work hard....

Seriously....   I still got mud on my shoes!

Found enough snow for a snowball!

Trio of Hermana's. 

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