Monday, October 6, 2014

October 6, 2014: I Lost My Human Interpreter

Hello everyone! I hope that you all got to enjoy conference!! I know I sure did :) Even if I watched half of it in Spanish, it was awesome. a big surprise happened to me last Monday and I was kind of sad about it: We had changes in the middle of the six week cycle. I will not get to finish my training with Hermana Sutton. Yes, it was a huge surprise. I am now with Hermana Ramirez in an area called Rio Nilo. I suppose the reason it happened was because I was very happy and comfortable where I was and the Lord saw fit for me to stretch myself. Yeah, it hurt a lot. I know that God knew what he was doing when he made Hermana Sutton and I companions because she has taught me so much and I really miss her already. It is okay for now; we already have some things planned to do when we are all done with our missions. Still, it was a huge surprise because we weren't supposed to have transfers for another 4 weeks. But hey, my Spanish is taking off like wildfire since that is pretty much all I hear now. (I lost my human interpreter ha-ha. Now I am going to have to rely hardcore on the Holy Ghost.). Thanks so much for the package! I got it this week and I love the music! Great job Dad!!! THANKS SOOOOOO MUCH!!

Okay so our miracle for the week. I was super sad about changes and really wanted to go and see a few investigators we had before I left. One of them is named Hermana Patlan. She refused for a while to be baptized, but completed all of her compromisos and always was at church. Her husband is the only member in her family, and he is the sweetest guy on the planet. Anyways, they have a 20 year old daughter with autism, so we have been teaching Hermana Patlan and her daughter together. (And they have 8 other children, holy!) I think it helped that she saw our love for Juanita (the 20 year old) and it helped us gain her confidence. Anyways, even though she refused the invitation to be baptized the first few times, we didn't feel like we should stop teaching her. So we kept on going and really broke down the doctrine to a primary level. She can't read very well so we read with her. Really, the key to people is loving we did just that. One day we invited her and her husband to accompany us to a lesson...I remember watching them walk towards the lesson together and I knew that she would be baptized, I just knew it!!! So about a week later, we went to go say goodbye on Monday before I left. When we got there, she said, "Sit down!! I have something to tell you!" So we sat down and she tearfully told us, "I want to be baptized." I LOST IT! I WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HAAAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!! This woman used to run from the missionaries and now here we were 30 minutes before I was leaving the area watching a miracle. She hadn't even told Hermano Patlan yet, so we had her got get him to tell him. I told her that this was exactly what I needed that day because I was going to be changing areas. It was my miracle. I know that I won't get to see her be baptized most likely, but that doesn't matter to me. The important thing is that I know she finally made that choice and I know she will do it and I know I was a tool for the Lord in helping that happen. What an honor it is to be a missionary! Her date is set for October 18. Yeah, I am going to come back and visit that family after my mission. :)

Okay conference: I cannot pick my favorite talk. But I can share a few of my favorite lines :) "A personal testimony is the quest of a lifetime." –Uchtdorf, and "Spiritual questions deserve spiritual answers." -Andersen. I really felt that one theme of the conference was gaining a personal testimony and strengthening any testimony that you have. I know I probably missed a lot of it since I watched it in Spanish, but that's what I got from it. Did you know Richard G. Scott speaks Spanish? I always knew he was one of my favorites ha-ha. And when they announced the number of missionaries I was like, "Hey! I am one of those!!!!!" So that was cool. And I really liked that talk with the 6 things to do; I can't remember who gave it. It was a nice smack in the face don't you think? I like when people are straightforward like that. Make sure you guys review the talks online since they will be there this week!

Anyways, I really love you all so much! I sure miss you guys, why do you have to be so awesome?? Ha-ha. But it's all good out here, stretching, but good. I am growing in my testimony and am certain that God loves each one of us. He is so aware! I have really felt his love even when I have felt utterly alone...which is actually really ridiculous because we are NEVER alone. I love you all soooooo much!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Con Amor Para Siempre,
Hermana Anderton

New companion and area:  Hermana Anderton and Ramirez. 

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