Monday, November 17, 2014

November 17, 2014: "La Sanya" it is!

Hello family! How is everyone?? Sounds like the adventures with Maximus never ever stop! Ha-ha, he was always a bit fussy of a car. Your plans for Christmas killed me. But I really do hope that you enjoy them! How I love you all!!!! Okay a few item requests for Christmas: granola bars, Nutella, and butterscotch pudding.

This week was really great!  And yes, you read it right: I am going to be a mommy! This next cambio, I am going to train a brand new missionary. You can bet your bottom dollar I am really nervous, but I am really excited too! I found out Sunday night, I couldn't believe it. Funny story of the week: my brain is officially Spanish-ified. We were eating lunch with a member who is also going to feed us next Sunday. Since Hermana Ramirez's birthday is next Monday, she asked what she wanted. Hermana Ramirez said, "Lasagna." and the member said, "Lasagna it is!" I was super confused and asked, "What is La Sanya?" I COULDN'T RECOGNIZE THE WORD BECAUSE I WAS THINKING IN SPANISH!! Elder Temple said, "Hermana! It's lasagna...not la sanya." I felt pretty dumb ha-ha. We all had a good laugh. I have said a few weird things this week. Another example: we were walking down the street with the sun in our eyes and talking about how bright it was when I greeted someone, "Buenas noches!!" Que estaba haciendo?? We had some really great lessons this week with our investigators; it's amazing to watch people change into who they have really been for their entire life! Hermana Coti is the sweetest little thing. We talked to her about repentance (about her smoking problem) and she said, "Well, I just need to do these steps then I will feel better about where I stand with Heavenly Father." She is a just-do-what-is-right kind of gal, I love it! This week was the primary program, sooooo precious!! The theme was "Eternas Pueden Ser Las Familias" and it was so beautiful! I  ALMOST cried....ALMOST. I miss y'all sometimes ha-ha. A missionary just got home in our barrio from Provo, she is really sweet and wants to accompany us to lessons. Her name is Sarah and she speaks perfect English, but I really prefer to talk with her in Spanish. Speaking of missionaries in my barrio, one of them is in Comodoro with Mitch! I eat with his mom every Wednesday...small world we live in. 

This week I have been learning about faith. Read PMG Lesson 3, section about faith. It completely changed my view! We have a long heritage of faith to find in the scriptures! I also really am starting to understand that faith without works is dead. It's not enough to believe in something, you have to live it! Faith is power in the end. If you believe in something enough and want it, it will move you to action. (AKA acting on your faith). I know that the Lord expects us to act with everything we have; He wants us to be self-sufficient. But as always, we can rely on Him to bless our efforts and help us. We can't really do anything alone, we always need Him, but we have to do something! So I invite you guys to search out the balance and increase your faith this week by studying that section :) I know that miracles can happen if we always act in faith, in-line with the Lord's will.

Well, that's all I feel like writing. I love you all and hope you have a fabulous week! :) XOXOXOXOXOXO


Con Amor,
Hermana Anderton

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