Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1, 2015: It's Hotter Than Airshows With Dad!

Hola familia!!! Everyone sounds great :) I can't believe Maddie's wedding is so close!! And I'm so excited that she is entering the temple tomorrow. It's so true with Ric and Sharon's situation, Heavenly Father knows what He is doing. He has a plan. Everything happens for something. I was laughing super hard about that story about Grandpa. He was such a good example. I sure miss him. Thanks for sharing!!!

Well, this week has been fun and different. Trios have a different dynamic...and all three of us really like to teach ha-ha. But it's been a really fun change. Hermana Diaz is hilarious; she's a good mix with our companionship that we had last transfer. We all get along really great. Just a heads up, I will be a chronic traveler to Mexico; I will need to visit all my companions I've had and this branch I'm in! I love my area!!! I'm so happy that I get to stay...even though I've been here forever. When we showed up to church yesterday, the members that we didn't see during the week about fell over to see I was still there...but they were excited too. Hermana Gonzalez attacked me with hugs and kisses. I won't lie, about two weeks ago I was feeling really restless and wanted to bust out on a change. But this week, I've been counting my blessings. I love Rio Nilo, and the members here are my family and the investigators we have are great. I will definitely come back here to visit!!!! So my 2 cool experiences from this week are these: I saw Hermana Patlan and Juanita this week!! We were walking in the street and I saw them...I thought I had heat stroke, but nope...they were real! I took off sprinting after them. It made my week!!!! I almost cried! It wasn't coincidence we ran into them. It put quite the pep in my step after when we went back to work ha-ha. I love missionary work!! We also found a family to teach this week. We were looking for an unfindable street...and were walking around a lot. It was super-hot and I just thought, "It can't be this hard to find a street!!!!! It's hotter than the airshows with Dad. Where is this place? Heavenly Father....I hope that there's a good reason we are still walking around." And there was. Out of nowhere this family showed up. We asked for their help. Turns out that they live on the same street we were looking for. They let us in for water and we had a lesson with them, and they are our new investigators. They are awesome!!!! As I stated before, Heavenly Father knows what He is doing in His work. I'm not sure how, but we always end up where we need to be!!!

This week we had a mission-wide meeting again. And in the end, I had to stand up and talk in front of everyone about an experience from August...the President put me on the spot. He was telling the trainers to let their companions talk, even if they don't speak very much Spanish. He then said, "Hermana Anderton had a very beautiful experience when she first got here at an open house activity." I felt my face flush because I knew he was going to make me stand up then. I don't really like speaking Spanish in huge groups. Anyway, I stood up and told them about when we had the open house my 3rd or 4th week here and about how I didn't talk as much as I thought I did. I wasn't participating very much and felt a little useless because I couldn't speak. The President was there and cut off whatever it was that we were doing and said, "Hermana, you are going to bear your testimony in English so you can participate." Nobody there spoke English in the room, but the President told them to pay attention to how they felt. I started bearing my testimony and the women in the front cried...and the Spirit was really strong. That was the first time in my mission I felt like I had done something. Anyway, the point of that story is this: That everyone has something they can offer to the work...even in their weaknesses. Maybe we aren't going to be the most beautiful with our word, maybe we aren't the star-pupil of seminary....but missionary work is for everyone!!!!! Share what you know and what makes you happy!!!!!!!!! My mission has been such a blessing in my life because I've had experiences I will never forget. To anyone teetering on the decision, GET YOUR PAPERS DONE AND GO!!!!!!!

I love you all and hope that this week is great! You've all got lots of things to do!! Thanks for all your support and love!!! I love my family!!! Until next week!!! XOXOXOXO


Hermana Anderton
Hermana's Anderton, Diaz and Ferrell.  The Rio Nilo Trio!

Dad Loves Captain America!!!

I'm going to go visit the pyramids someday...  hint hint

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