Monday, August 25, 2014

August 25, 2014: The Tender Mercy of Meatloaf

Hola familia!! Como están?? I figured out how to make question marks by accident on this keyboard. Happy day because that was driving me crazy!! Your emails are awesome! My family is the best and super funny. I laugh during everyone’s emails. Seriously, my abs are getting ripped from reading emails. I can’t believe school is starting soon. That is so weird! I am happy I do not have to deal with tests and other stuff. I will relish in that while I am here. But every day is a lot like school, I study and then go out and translate in my mind what everyone is saying to me. Oh the misión, just as tough as it is good! Sometimes it is like trying to take a drink out of a fire hose, but it is nothing I cannot handle!

So this week, I learned how to make the best tortillas in the world and lots of other food, too. I think I might actually have a shot at being a good chef! Go me!! I will send those pics in a minute. The food here is super tasty; I will need to watch it or I will not come back looking the same! Luckily, Hermana Sutton and I have decided to assist each other and make sure we don’t over eat, and we walk everywhere and run in the mornings, I think I will be okay. We are also teaching piano lessons to the family we live by, it was super fun! It required some patience though, but overall, I liked it. We had meatloaf this week YIPEE! There is an investigator we found that only speaks English and is from America. He insisted that we had an American meal on Saturday. And then it was my favorite one, tender mercies people. Funny story of the week, Hermana Sutton talks in her sleep!!! Oh my goodness, we had a conversation last night after she stole my blanket in her sleep. It was so funny. She also sat up in her bed and said Hermana Anderton, don’t you just love our fuzzy slippers?? It was 2 am and really random...and really funny. I love having her for a companion! We think a lot alike and just tell each other how it is. Last Monday, we took the wrong bus to get back to our área and ended up clear in Timbuctoo. We found out later that there are not any sisters in that área, I suppose that’s why we got weird looks. We are now very cautious about buses ha-ha. Oh the adventures of missions. I am so glad I get to go on them with Hermana Sutton!

Okay, so this is my little uplifting message for you all-Go watch videos on Mormon Chanel! Oh I love them so much! We had an open house this weekend and we got to watch those during a meeting with the President to pick out ones to show at the meeting. I walked out of there ready to take on the world. On Saturday at the open house, our subject was the Plan of Salvation and Eternal Families. I really missed you guys during that. But then the President came in and suggested in front of the people that I get up and bear my testimony in English...even though nobody knew how to speak it. He wanted people to feel it though, and learn the Spirit language I guess. I was nervous because he knows English and I didn’t know what I was going to say. I ended up talking about how much Heavenly Father love us and that I knew he loved me and sent me here to Mexico. I shared the experience I had on the plane here when I was getting super nervous and was praying for peace and then I looked out the window at the stars and thought of dad, and realized I was off to serve my Heavenly Father, and I wanted to do my best because he is my dad, too. After that, I felt so much peace and love and I now know without a doubt that He is always there for me! I said it wasn’t easy being here but that Christ was helping me every step of the way and I knew I would be okay. Almost all the women in the room were crying and saying they felt the Spirit when I testified of Heavenly Father’s love. And I KNOW HE LOVES US ALL SO MUCH!!! So that’s it, remember you are loved!! I love you all so much and miss you lots!! Take care and keep having a great time!!



Hermana Anderton

Hermana's Sutton and Anderton

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