Monday, September 22, 2014

September 22, 2014: Chili Powder on Fruit

Okay, this was definitely the best week on the history of the planet. WE FOUND OUR MIRACLE FAMILY!! RED TOMATOES ALLLLLLLLL THE WAAAAAAAYYYYY!!! But first, let me comment on your emails. It sounds like everyone is doing great which makes me happy. This week you guys can keep studying PMG! I'm glad mom is enforcing the rules of reading ha-ha. I hope that all goes well with the doctor this week for you, Mom. And Dad, I'm glad your ankle is progressing. Tell Grandma not to stress so much about the letters it. I'm really busy and so I understand. Tell everyone “hi” for me and that I love them all. (Grandmas, Carol, etc.) That's a great idea with the binders! I'm happy they will be able to keep up on what's going on down here.

Okay, this week was fabulous! I'm really starting to feel comfortable navigating the routine. A sister in our ward named Reina told me I'm starting to act like a Mexican, best compliment ever! Now I don't stand out so much right?? But it's happening; I'm even starting to put chili powder on fruit ha-ha. Hermana Sutton and I have a little bit of a system going so I think that helps with everything, too. She is awesome! I'm so glad she is my trainer. It's so much easier to work hard and be obedient when your companion wants to, too. Well, this week I gave a cortisone shot to one of the members that lives by us. She asked me if I knew how and I told her sure. Sooooo I put my skills to practice this week. We also went and saw the Cathedral in El Centro. I was in EL CENTRO PEOPLE!!!! Super cool! There were a lot of people there because they were preparing for the 16 of Sept. (Independence Day here). And....I BOUGHT A MEXICAN DRESS!!! MY DREAM CAME TRUE!! It was like 35 bucks, so that will be coming out of my account. I figured I better get one I like while I had the chance, since Hermana Sutton bargained for a lower price! I now have a legitimate traditional Mexican dress. I wore it at the fiesta this Saturday with the ward. Speaking of which, Mexicans sure know how to have fun! We had 13 investigators come to the party and really enjoy it. Oh man, we were so happy I teared up! I also got to see the temple last Monday. We were so happy to be on temple grounds. It felt like coming home. I miss the temple soooo much!! So go a lot, okay?

Okay, miracle of the week. We found a family that is so ready it's ridiculous! They were actually not going to come to church on Sunday, but their car broke down at the fiesta and so when we got to the chapel they were there fixing their car. Hermana Sutton told them if they wanted to see a miracle, they should come inside for sacrament meeting and then their car would start....and that's exactly how it happened! They are so ready!!! They're from Veracruz so their Spanish is a little hard for me to understand, but I can feel that they know this is true. I am so happy here. We are getting the work rolling in our new area so everything seems so much better! Also, you know how Personal Progress is kind of my thing? Well, we found 2 youth of a less active family and they want to do Personal Progress, so we helped them do an experience last night. I was thrilled because I LOVE PERSONAL PROGRESS!!!

Spiritual thought: Heavenly Father knows our diverse natures and varied capacities. So, figure out what yours is, stop comparing yourself to others, and then use your gifts to bless others. I am working on that.

Hope everyone has a great week. I love you all soooooooooooo much!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Con Amor,
Hermana Anderton

Central Cathedral

Our "picky eater" loves the food!!

Raegan shopping in the city center.


Testing her nursing skills on their neighbor..

All Smiles....

Raegan at the Juarez Temple

Hermana Sutton and Anderton at the Juarez Temple

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