Monday, December 1, 2014

December 1, 2014: And guess what was cooking........ MENUDO!!!!

Happy thought for all of you, the next coming December will mark my homecoming. So whenever you miss me, just remember I will be back before you know it :) As for me, it's A LOT OF TIME!! I don't want this to end :) I am having a great experience here and love the work. Happy Birthday on the 6th Maddie! And congrats on the engagement, I'm really happy for you both and am excited to have a new brother. Sounds like Thanksgiving was full of food and good times! Everyone sounds like they are doing well! Good!!!
Well, Saturday had the most events so I will tell y'all about it. I was putting on my makeup and felt like I should ask Hermana Ramirez why Elder Temple called last night because she didn't tell me. I was going to wait until we started breakfast, but then decided to ask her anyway. She turned white and gasped and said, "WHAT TIME IS IT?? I FORGOT!!!" I told her it was 7:20 and she said, "Oh Hermana! We have got to go!" I asked her why and she said we had choir practice in Pradera and needed to leave in the next 10 minutes to catch the buses. So we ran and ran to the bus and got there on time for our big Christmas choir practice with the President. Good thing I can run fast for a while. I am so happy we got there on time because if you are late with the President, you get sent back to your area. (Good training to be on time.) Anyways, we had a baptism that same night for the Elders of a young man they were teaching named Edgar. For the baptism ordinance, the man performing it did it with his left arm instead of his right arm. The Elders must have been sleeping while acting as the witnesses or something because nobody took note of it and they finished and went to go change after the baptism. When we stood up and turned to walk out and go back for the talks and musical number, I was still thinking that something was off with the baptism but couldn't put my finger on it. Then it hit me and I told Hermana Ramirez that we needed to talk to the Elders. Long story short, we had to gather everyone together again and have Edgar change back into his baptism clothes and do it all over again. After the baptism, we had a dinner. And guess what was cooking: MENUDO!!!!! I was really excited to try it! All the ward members were very excited and were telling me all the things I needed to put into the soup to make it taste good. Hmmm, in the end it was really chewy, interesting, smelled really gross, and did not settle well in my stomach. I don't want to say it was horrible, but it was ha-ha. :) I had to finish though because everyone was soooooo excited about it. I put on my big girl pants and downed that thing....but never again!!!! So Saturday in a nut-shell: we got ready and arrived to Pradera in record time, taught lessons, fixed a baptism, and ate menudo.
There is an initiative the Church is taking called, "El es la Dadiva", which I think is "He is the Gift" for you guys. It's super cool! The Church is having the missionaries world-wide do the same thing because they want to bring Christ back into Christmas. They have announcements in Times Square, cards to hand out, a hashtag, a video, EVERYTHING!! As a matter of fact, you might get a little surprise in your Facebooks sometime this month ;) It's that important....long story short, we are going to be busy at this special time trying to help bring people closer to the most precious gift any of us have ever received in our lives. You guys should check out the video and share it!! :) I really love it, and right now I know that I am right where I need to be, sharing this message with the people here in Juarez. I am so grateful for Christ and all He has done for me. Christmas is really a special time to remember Him and show our gratitude by serving others and by sharing what we know. When Christ is the center focus of our lives, mind and all, everything has so much more love to it! :) Sure, life has a few bumps in the road to roll over, but there is so much happiness to be found when we remember Him and who we are too. We are blessed!
Well, I love you all and hope that you all have a great week :) Living the dream! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Con todo de mi amor,
Hermana Anderton

El Libro De Mormon.... Read it!

Our Christmas Tree

A statue of Abraham Lincoln!

Hermana Ramirez Birthday!!!

Thankgiving feast at Hermano Casavantes's

I love Root Beer!
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone...

Blast from the past....  Sister Sutton and Hermana Patlan with Raegan.

Cooking Pancakes?
Birthday pizza with Hermana Ramirez. 
Menudo... bring it on!!!
Menudo is made from cow stomach....  Let it be known that Raegan is a very picky eater!

I can't believe she at that!!
Making cake!!!

Selfie... Hermana Anderton and Ramirez.
Happy Thanksgiivng....

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