Monday, March 30, 2015

March 30, 2015: Livin' On A Prayer

WOAHHHHHH!! WE'RE HALFWAY THERE!!!! WOAH, LIVIN' ON A PRAYER!!! TAKE MY HAND, AND WE'LL MAKE IT I SWEAR!! Sorry, just can't believe I am halfway through my mission, and who can resist a little Bon Jovi? I know Mom wouldn't be opposed :) You all sound like you are doing wonderful! I'm glad that you all had a wonderful spring break! Now it's back to real life. 73 days until the wedding, sheesh, time flies!!!!

Well, this week has been good! We had a really powerful lesson with a member who's mom is going to die pretty soon. We just listened to her and her testimony and told her to hold on to what she knew, and then sang her "All Is Well." I didn't think too much about it until Sunday when she was teaching the Sunday School class and told them that she was sure Heavenly Father never leaves us alone because He always sends people to our aide and talked about how much strength she felt from our lesson that helped her get through the week. We never really know how much a kind word or act will really mean to someone, so we should always just do it. We ate with Maria de Jesus yesterday; she wanted to give us food. It was chicharon, or I guess you could say pig intestine fat. GAG!!! But I ate it like a champion because you have no other choice ha-ha. The people here give us so much food!!!!!!!!! Oh goodness, I can't handle it! Even if you just eat one plate, it's still a load of food. So if I come back a little thicker, don't judge. I will drop it within the first few months of being home, so I'm just not going to fret over it. I will just control what I can and then roll with it.

This week we were contacting a man in the street and found out he was a child psychologist. I asked him if he knew how to analyze people with just drawings and he said he could. I was curious and asked him to do one for me. He had me draw a tree and then told me about my personality. It was straight on!! We knew him for about 60 seconds and he already could tell me a lot about myself. Long story short, I'm a little girl stuck in a grown-ups body because I really like to play and like to be free. But when push comes to shove, I'm very organized and know how to work hard and focus. I am a good leader but hate to be in charge, but I really like things my when I'm in charge, I'm super bossy. Hmmmm, yep, that's me!!!! I want to learn how to analyze people based off drawings, I find that super interesting.

There will be a baptism this week of a less active's husband. Maria is really excited to attend one and see, I think it will be the kicker for her, so I'm excited to see the results. We had an activity in the church house last weekend and she was wandering all around socializing. She's good to go.

Well, this weekend is conference. I hope that you all are preparing well!!! I'm super excited to hear from our leaders! Write down 2 or 3 questions to get answered in conference, you'll get your answers :)

My thought for you guys is short since I'm almost out of time. I've been thinking a lot about examples and loving people. I'm so grateful for the example of my parents and for the love I always knew I had from them. They showed me the gospel. My parents love me, so I trust them! I know our Heavenly Father loves us too! My quote is from my favorite apostle, Richard G. Scott, from last April's conference:

How can each of us become such a significant influence? We must be sure to sincerely love those we want to help in righteousness so they can begin to develop confidence in God’s love. For so many in the world, the first challenge in accepting the gospel is to develop faith in a Father in Heaven, who loves them perfectly. It is easier to develop that faith when they have friends or family members who love them in a similar way.

WE can all be an influence for good! I love you all so much!!!!!! Have a great week and enjoy conference!!!!! Till next week! XOXOXOXOXO Living the dream!!!!

Con todo de mi amor,

Hermana Anderton

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