Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015: My English Is Super Shaky!

HOLA FAMILIA!!!! Everyone sounds great!! And like they are counting the days....crazy how little time is left! I can’t believe it!! I’m really having mixed feelings. I am so excited to see you guys, but I’m going to be so sad to leave my mission. Oh well, I am just going to soak in the moment I’m in!! I also want to wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving!! Give everyone a big hug from me!

This week was super weird! I was only in my area 3 days this week. I went on intercambios with the sisters in Dublan. That place is a mini-U.S., everyone speaks English and for lunch we ate chicken pot pie. My English is super shaky, so don’t laugh at me when I get home. It’s a super beautiful area; there were orange and yellow leaves everywhere!!!! Their house also had a little farm to the side of the guy who owns the land. (He's the one in the pic with the goose that wanted to eat my face.) Anyways, I took the legit chance I had to feed the raccoon! I have a video of it. I will show you guys when I get home ha-ha. Well, after intercambios, I had to pack my bags and go to Juarez! We had a meeting with the sister training leaders and the district leaders. We crashed at the sister's house in Pradera Dorada, and I met Hermana Creer. She’s from Utah and read my blog before she came. She said she was excited to meet me ha-ha. I shared a few "how to survive the mission tips" with her. She was so sweet and will be a great missionary! Our meeting was a great meeting and I took a lot out of it. After the meeting, Hermana Camejo (my traveling companion) broke her glasses. The President took us to an optical shop to fix them, but they couldn’t do it. The President was determined to fix them, so he glued them together. But anyways, cool part: Hermana Camejo's brother was marrying a chick from Juarez and was getting married the same day we were in Juarez. The President asked at what time, and then told us we were going to go. I couldn’t believe my luck!! I wanted to go to the temple soooooooooo bad. Hermana Camejo was in shock. We told him our recommends were in Casas Grandes, so he just gave us other ones....then told us to hurry off and that he would pick us up around 830 pm at the temple and take us to dinner. Hermana Camejo wasn’t sure of her way around, but I know Juarez like the back of my hand and what bus routes we needed to take and how long the traveling time would be. We went home and fixed our faces and hair a little bit, then went to the temple to wait for Hermana Camejo's family to come. We took pics and wandered around a bit. It was strange to be in my Rio Nilo area again, but we didn’t get to wander around the area, so I didn’t get time to say “hi” to anyone. Anyways, the sealing session was really beautiful and it was fun to meet Hermana Camejo's family. The temple inside is super pretty!! When we come to Juarez to visit, you guys have to see it! After the wedding, the President picked us up and took us to dinner as promised. I really have a lot of respect for him and his wife, they really are stellar people. Then, Saturday morning, we traveled back to Juarez and I crashed the entire ride home in a deep slumber. Hermana Camejo and I were talking until about 12 in the morning, so I lost a little sleep and needed to catch up. Anyways, it was a super fun and strange week.

My thought for you guys is from Neal A. Maxwell:

“If, in the end, if you have not chosen Jesus Christ it will not matter what you have chosen.” – Neal A. Maxwell

I love this quote! It’s true. It doesn’t matter what we do, if Christ is not the center of our lives, we cannot be happy, and that is that. His way is the only way to be happy now and have celestial glory in the life to come. We are so blessed to have the Gospel, which helps us put Him first in our lives and acts as a guide in all we do. Thank you Mom and Dad for teaching me the Gospel, and about Jesus Christ so I can have the chance to choose Him.

I love you all and miss you all! Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Thanks for all the love and support. You’re all wonderful! Have a fabulous week! Keep up the hard work! Until next time...XOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Con todo mi amor,
Hermana Anderton

Hermana Anderton at the Juarez Temple  (not sure about the angle??)

Hermana Camejo and Anderton.  Hermana Camejo's brother was getting married and they were allowed to attend.

Yes, that is the border and El Paso in the background.  Hermana Camejo and Anderton wandering Juarez.

I'm supposed to feed the sheep?

Goose attack!

Hermana Camejo and Anderton.  They traveled together to Juarez for some training.

Hermana's Reynoso and Anderton with Hermana Mary Garcia  (A Missionaries Mom away from home!)

Raegan stayed the night in Juarez.  With Hermana Creer

Old mission friend Hermana Mecado

Hermana Tiesina

At the Juarez Temple

Hermana Anderton at the Juarez Temple

Juarez Temple

Add caption

Juarez baggage cart!

Rocky Raccoon!

Yes, that's the rooster that woke me up!

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